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Acoustics(Fabric Paneling)

The acoustic performance of the system is dependant upon the acoustic infill material used behind the fabric facing. Suitable infill include Basotect, mineral wool, Glasswool, Woodwool Boards,dense fibreglass core board and Soft Board. SFS system consists of a set of engineered profiles that provide a framework between which an interlining or acoustic infill is provided. Fabric is then dressed and stretched taught into the interlocking jaws of the framed profiles providing an immaculate finish.The system is assembled on site and therefore allows full flexibility to provide a perfect fit to adjacent components and finishes. It can be fitted to any wall or ceiling surface with necessary Plywood backing.
The SSS Grippers has a wide range of profiles of varying depths and sections. This enables the designer to create unlimited design solutions including irregular and complex shapes and curved surfaces.


Acoustics Blinds:

SSS offers a wide range of Acoustics blinds which can reduce the heat due to sunlight, while allowing maximum comfort, lower HVAC consumption and also view to the outside. Its used in various corporate offices, Commercial Complexes and also in Residences.

Roman Blinds:

The most fashionable blind systems with its precision engineered components is the Roman blind. Combined with virtually any soft furnishing fabric they make a perfect stand alone blind. They also go together with curtains in the same or contrasting fabric which creates a unique look for any residence or commercial property.

Vertical Blinds:

The vertical Blinds are the ideal choice for large windows and openable doors. The panel track looks attractive from the front or back and can be also used as room dividers. Used with screen fabric or any drapery fabric it creates the ideal window treatment; choose between flat or folding panel. The fabric strips are easy to remove and replace providing an ideal window solution for domestic, commercial or hospitality projects.